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John is very smart. --Yeah,

just like me!就像我一样.

We had melon for lunch at school.哈蜜瓜

Was it good? 好吃吗?

After school, we played soccer.

Did you have fun? 玩得高兴吗?

How do you like this suit?这衣服怎么样?

It looks great on you. 很配你呀!

I think it's nice.

How did u like it?你觉得怎么样? --I liked it very much.

What did you think of it?

Did you like it? /Did you enjoy it?


What do you think of our new boss?

I think she's very friendly.

What do you think about it?



How'd things turn out? 结果是…(j结果怎么样?)

They turned out to be miserable.

How was it? /How did it go?

How did it turn out? /How did it end up?

To make a long story short,...


Just tell me the story in a nutshell. 你就简明的说吧!

Give it to me in a nutshell. 简要地说

Let me know the circumstances. 情况


Let me know the situation.

How was the test?

A piece of cake. 简直轻而易举。

It was a piece of cake.

It was very easy. /It was a snap.

It was no problem at all.

It was as easy as 1,2,3.

It was as easy as A,B,C.

How's your cooking going?

So far, so good. 到现在为止还好。

Up till now, no problems.

How's school?   --So-so. 马马虎虎。

That's about it. 就是这样

Wow! How'd you do that?

It was nothing. 这没什么/没什么了不起

It was no big deal.

There's nothing to it.很简单

Can you help me E-mail?

Sure, there's nothing to it.

Nothing complicated about it.

And if you plug this in... 

It worked! 啊,行了! / It did the job!

What about the new computer system?

It needs work. 还需改进/还需要加把劲儿

It needs more work.

It needs some work.

Almost! 就差那么一点儿。

I thought it was a home run. 本垒打

How's married life?

Going from bad to worse. 越来越糟

Getting increasingly worse.

Getting worse and worse all the time.

He made it big. 取得成功

He became very successful.

He is a big success.

They just fixed the car.

We're set. 准备好了、问题解决了

Let's get going.

Our problem's solved.

We're ready. /We're okay.


That's why I was late. --I see.

Uh-huh. 嗯.

I've been to Chicago.去过→You have? 是吗? He's from Chicago He is? He went to Chicago...了→He did? He is tall. He is? He's cooking now. He is?

Is that right? 是那样吗?、这样对吗?

Is that so? /Is that true? /Is that correct?

That's right. 是那样./Exactly! 没错!/That's it exactly.

That's exactly it.

Oh, yeah? 是吗? /Is that so?是这样吗? /Really?

Oh, do you? /Oh, you do?

Oh, you like it?

It's nice, isn't it?

And? 然后呢?

Me, too. 我也是/So am I. /So do I. /So did I.

Neither do I. 我也不.

I'll pay for dinner.

Don't be silly. 别说傻话 .

Don't be foolish.

I've lost my wallet. --That's too bad. 这事太倒霉了.

Are you sure? 真的吗?

What a shame! 真是太过分了!、太遗憾了!

Good! /Great! *答应、满足的语气。

What a surprise! 真叫人吃惊.

I hope not. /I hope so.


See? My dog can sing. 你知道吗?….

Unbelievable! /Incredible. 难以置信!

No kidding! /You're kidding! / You're joking! /That can't be! 开玩笑吧!

May I borrow your pen?

You bet.当然行

No problem. /Sure. /Certainly.


Well... /Umm... /Hmm... 嗯…、哎呀、什么?、那么…、可是…、后来… 

May I take your order? 您点什么菜?

Well, let me see... 考虑、想(让我想想)

Let me check. 让我查查。

I'll find out for you. 我找找

May I ask who you are?

I'm a friend of John's...

I mean...我的意思是..

Mr. Shan.

It's on the tip of my tongue.


What should I say...说什么好呢?

How should I put this...

How should I put it...

I don't know quite how to put this.


You said you wanted to talk to me...

Well, I don't know quite how to put this.

I don't know how to say this.

I'm not sure how to put this.

What's the population of Narita?

Beats me. 这可让你问着了、怎么说呢

I can't answer that.

What do you call it? 叫什么来着?怎么说?

What would you call it? 你管它叫什么?

Who's the prime minister of Canada?

You've got me. 让你问住了。


Say something.说点什么吧

I'm speechless. 我连话都说不出来了。

A penny for your thoughts. *这是惯用表达方式,“请告诉我你在想什么”

Tell me more about it.我想知道的详细些.

I want to know more about it in detail.

I'd like to know more details.

How was your trip? 你的旅行怎么样?--It was terrible.

I'm all ears. *“聚精会神地听”。我在认真地听呢.

How was the meeting?会议开得怎么样?

We didn't accomplish much. 没什么结果

I'm listening. * 请继续说、我听着呢.

Keep talking.

Did you hear about my trip?

Not yet. I'd like to hear the story.

I'd like to know the story. 我很想听听那件事.

I'd like to hear about it.

We had small talk. 闲聊(我们只是闲聊一会)

How was the movie?电影怎么样?

I really enjoyed it.

Did you enjoy the play?那部戏有意思吗?

No, it was dull. 真没劲。

Let's talk about it later.

I want to talk about it now.


I need to tell you something.

Shoot! 请说吧 /Go ahead.

What's on your mind.

Let's talk in English. /Let's speak in Eng.我们说英语吧

Let's have a chat. 我们聊会天吧

To the point, please. 抓重点的说

Stop beating around the bush.*常用短语。

Get to the point, please.

How was ur day? 今天过得怎样?

Exhausting. 精疲力尽了


Let's change the subject.我们换个话题吧.

Okay, okay, I'll pay u back next week...

Let's talk about something else.

Let's talk about something different.

I'd rather talk about something else.

Let's get back to the subject. 言归正传。

Yes, let's.

Let's get back to the point.

Let's get back on track.

I don't want to talk about it now.


I'd prefer not to talk about it.

We're playing golf this Sunday, right?

Let's talk about it later. 那事以后再说吧.

To change the subject...另外我们说说....

I can't believe it. 真让人难以相信。

To change the subject...

Ha, ha, that's a good one!

Well, all joking aside, let's get to work. 好了,玩笑就到此…,快去干活儿吧

Well, seriously,...

By the way,.顺便提一下...It was really fun.

By the way, how is John? 

You were saying? 你刚才说什么来着

Continue. /Carry on. /Please go on.

The party gonna be great!

Oh, that reminds me. I can't go.我想起来了

Let's stop talking.别说了

I'm tired of talking.

I don't want to talk anymore.

I've heard the story before.那是我听过了

You've already told me.

I'm sick and tired of hearing that.. 对…腻透了

I've heard enough about it already.

I don't want to hear about it anymore.

Let's drop the subject. 结束、停止(这件事别再说了.

Let's drop it.

I don't want to talk about it anymore.

Don't say it so loud.别那么大声说话.

I thought you were hard of hearing.

Don't say that kind of thing so loudly.

Please lower you voice.


I've decided.我已经决定了.

I've decided to move. --Really?

I've made up my mind.

I've come to a decision.

What should we do tonight?

It's up to you. 取决于(一切都看你的了)

It depends on you.

It's completely up to you.

It's all up to you.

Do you want to go out or stay home?

You decide. 你决定吧.

This is the important point.这是关键性的一点.

This is the main point.

This is crucial.

Let me help you.

This is my personal problem. 这是我个人问题.

This is my private affair.

It's a matter of life and death. 这是生死攸关的大事.

It's extremely important.

You're free to go or stay.是去是留随你.

You're free to leave anytime.

I'm not keeping you here.

Are you going to patch things up?

No, there's no turning back. 无可挽回

We can't turn back now.

Should we go to the party tonight? 

I don't know.

Let's play it by ear. 走一步看一步、再说吧

Let's leave everything to chance.

Let's just see what happens. 看情况吧。

Are you sure you can do it?

Yes, I'm sure I can do it. /I certainly can do it. /I believe I can do it.


I'm still unable to decide what to do.


What are you going to do?

I'm still unable to decide what to do.

I'm still undecided.

I still can't decide what to do.

I'm still unsure. 我仍然没有把握。

I'll follow her. /I'll go after her.


Let's all get together and act as one.


Let's work together as a team.

I have to do it anyhow. *反正、无论如何 

I must do it anyway.

Should I go to college?

Yeah, it's now or never.机不可失,时不再来

No time like the present.

Seize the day. 把握今天

When should I go?

The sooner, the better. 越早越好.

Can you jump over the river? 

I'll take a chance. 我碰碰运气看、试一试

I'll take a gamble.

I'll go for it. 我大胆试一试

I'll give it a try.

Have more guts! 再拿出点勇气来

It's getting late.

Let's finish it somehow. 想方设法、不管怎样(我们总的想办法完成.

Let's try our best to finish it.

Let's get it over with.

I don't think I can beat him. 


it's worth a try. 值得一试.

We must function as one mind and one body.我们必须同心同德.

We have to work together.

We must be a team.

We have to cooperate with each other.

You just wait. 你等着瞧吧!

We're betting all of our money. 

Yeah, it's all or nothing. 豁出去了.